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Having years of professional experiences in network communication technology since founded in July 2001, Xtramus Technologies focuses on providing high-performance, advanced testing devices that meet the industry standards with lower costs, less testing time and accurate test results.

With skilled and experienced Research & Development teams, Xtramus Technologies works diligently to achieve the absolute hardware, utility software, and firmware integration.

We provide professional solutions for various testing applications. Please refer to the list down below for more detailed information:

● Network Traffic Generator / Performance Analyzer System:Test and analyze network communication device’s performance, suitable for network product manufacturers.

● Network Active TAP:Monitor and analyze network status with Active TAP based on store-and-forward architecture.

● Network Impairment: The self-developed impairment emulator can emulate the real-word network conditions in a lab, thus obtaining more accurate test results.

● Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Test Solution:Test the performances of PSEs by PD emulation.

● Network Media Converter:Converter for connecting various network interfaces (such as SFP+, XFP, and RJ-45) together.

All our products are proved to obtain complete and accurate measurements whether in production line, job sites or laboratories. And with the high performance of our products, the RIO of customers can be maximized.

  • Release of NuPOE-1SL & NuPOE-4SL
    NuPOE-1SL is a perfect PoE loading test solution with the capability up to 90W per channel,which ideally complies with IEEE 802.3bt and 802.3af/at types as a whole.Advancing from NuPOE-1SL, NuPOE-4SL is composed with four 90W pair sets andeach single pair set can perform individually.The standard of 802.3bt introduces two innovative PD topologies - Single Signatureand Dual Signature. A “Single Signature PD” shares the same detection signature, classification signature, and maintain power signature between both pair sets, while a “Dual Signature PD”...
  • Release NuWIN-RM v2.0(C# version)
    NuWIN-RM v2.0 has been released recently, the program is written in C# language, the interface is  more friendly and convenient, also the software is more stable.    For Ethernet protocol, NuWIN-RM supports almost 40 protocol headers edit.  In addition to IPv4, ARP, ICMP, IGMP etc., it has been added TRILL, ISIS, RARP, IPX, BPDU, SLOW, LLDP, PTPv2, CFM, FCoE, FIP, ECP, LOOP, RSVP, GRE, OSPFv2, VRRP, LISP...edit function(some protocols are supportted only by XM-RM731 and XM-R...