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Having years of professional experiences in network communication technology since founded in July 2001, Xtramus Technologies focuses on providing high-performance, advanced testing devices that meet the industry standards with lower costs, less testing time and accurate test results.

With skilled and experienced Research & Development teams, Xtramus Technologies works diligently to achieve the absolute hardware, utility software, and firmware integration.

We provide professional solutions for various testing applications. Please refer to the list down below for more detailed information:

● Network Traffic Generator / Performance Analyzer System:Test and analyze network communication device’s performance, suitable for network product manufacturers.

● Network Active TAP:Monitor and analyze network status with Active TAP based on store-and-forward architecture.

● Network Impairment: The self-developed impairment emulator can emulate the real-word network conditions in a lab, thus obtaining more accurate test results.

● Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Test Solution:Test the performances of PSEs by PD emulation.

● Network Media Converter:Converter for connecting various network interfaces (such as SFP+, XFP, and RJ-45) together.

All our products are proved to obtain complete and accurate measurements whether in production line, job sites or laboratories. And with the high performance of our products, the RIO of customers can be maximized.

  • NuStreams-600i End-of-Life Announcement
         Xtramus announces the end-of-sale andend-of-life date for NuStreams-600i. The last day to order and support the affected product(s) is September, 2016. Customers are encouraged to migrate to NuStreams-700.    If you have any problems, please contact with us. Thank you! Contact Information:Address: 5F, No.102, Lide St., Zhonghe Dist,NEW Taipei City 235, TaiwanWeb Site: www.xtramus.comTel: 886-2-82276611Fax: 886-2-82276622Product Inquiry: sales@xtramus.comTechnical Support: techsupport@xtramus.com
  • NuDOG applications now support Windows10
    All applications of NuDOG series now support Windows 10. NuDOG series are handheld devices for Gigabit Ethernet testing. NuDOG series can work along with a series of applications and they are DApps-2544, DApps-2889, DApps-MPT, DApps-NIC, DApps-SG and DApps-TAP. The old versions of these applications only support Windows XP, windows 7 or lower. To make these applications more applicable and compatible with your PC configurations, now they are all designed to support Windows 10.  For more detailed information, please refer to the pro...